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Cassa Brickell

Miami is a city in transformation and Brickell is symbolic of this change. The gateway to Latin America has changed over the last 10 years and has become a real city, and Brickell is at the center of the action – from hotels like The Viceroy, The Mandarin Oriental to the financial district and luxury residences.

Miami has gained momentum. We have even seen large corporations like SAB-MILLER moving its headquarters from Latam to Brickell. The Miami of today doesn’t need much selling. It’s still a great vacation destination, but now, more than ever, the local industry is growing. The Magic City is a great place to live and catch a glimpse of a melting pot of different cultures. Whether you come from the south or east, Miami is the perfect destination for you. With the mix of countries in Miami expanding, you can see more Europeans, mainly Spaniards, Russians and Brazilians. You can get a view of the world right from your window.

With this revolutionary development and a solid financial structure, we are looking at new projects coming up, including towers with apartments starting at $1 million to others with more than 500 units. Just like any other iconic neighborhood, the center of Brickell is getting busier every day.

The positive thing is that there’s still an opportunity to be near the action, but still be in a residential area where there is absolutely no traffic. Brickell expands to the southeast where small buildings are becoming the place to be if what you’re looking for is big living.

There isn’t a better location for better living.


201 SW 17th Rd
Miami, FL 33129